Projekt Trgovina vključuje:
Skupino bivših študentov Royal College of Art v Londonu, ki bodo s svojimi izvrstnimi izkušnjami pomembno pripomogli pri reševanju problemov, ki jih zastavlja sama tematika projekta in pri reševanju bolj specifičnih problemov, ki jih bodo zastavljali sami obiskovalci. Ker so tej bivši študenti RCA-ja med najboljšimi mladimi oblikovalci na svetu, lahko pričakujemo zelo kvalitetne rezultate. Poleg tega bodo imeli še vsak dan predavanja v sodelovanju s Famul Stuartom in tako bodo njihove izkušnje in pogledi na oblikovanje na voljo vsem, ki si tega želijo.

British-Armenian designer Vahakn Matossian has been working in the realms
of interactive art and design for a number of years. Son of digital music
pioneer and interactive artist Rolf Gehlhaar, he graduated from the University
of Brighton's Three Dimensional Design, with exciting products and projects
under his belt.
He has worked with TROIKA, on the now famous 'Cloud' and 'All the Time in
the World' installations at Terminal 5, among other projects, and has recently
graduated from the Design Products Masters at the Royal College of Art in
London. Clients include, Hulger, Glastonbury Festival, British Film Institute
and Cybersonica.
Vahakn's work contains a huge element of play throughout and is a mind
bending look at objects we think we know well.

Thinking about people: Their systems, situations, and services
Educated in graphic and product design with
an MA at the Royal college of Art. I now focus
on designing systems. Working in teams of
specialists and users.
Design for me is about people, how they live think and do. Since I finished
my master in Design at the Royal College of Art in London (2007) I prefer to
see design as a collaboration. A collaboration with experts forming a team to
innovate systems, situations and services in a social way.

I’ve learned to perceive the scene in which I am looking at the present
as myself. This naturally led to my interest in the people and objects that
surround me. For all of these elements to be clear and tangible, I had to
fully obtain comprehension of all the things that make up each scene. This
kind of definite comprehension is only possible when experiencing intimate
relationship with others. That is why I’ve always valued gaining as much
broad range of experiences as possible under the motto, “learning by
doing.” All the experiences that I’ve had brought life to all of my feelings and
broadened my perspective in life.

Lucia Massari is a product designer. She was born in Italy, Venice, where she
also started to work as an illustrator.
Currently working in London after her MA
in design product at the Royal College of Art. She is fascinated by daily life in
its extreme form, the banal, the grotesque, the bad taste, the hyperreal, the
kitsch, and google. With a particular interest in people’s skills, personal taste,
point of view, and common places.


I explore contracts between peoples, and enjoy collaborating, especially with unwitting participants. Through such collaborative experiments, I generate videos, performances, objects, and situations that try to unravel what it means for people to be human, together. Technology (from crude phones to synthetic biology) has challenged what it means to be human on a fundamental level. Somehow there is an element of ventriloquism or puppetry that occurs as we associate with this technology. I enjoy exaggerating this phenomenon, giving our external techno-social identities agency and voice, watching what happens when they get out of control.